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Customers for Life…

Showtime Stall Rentals works with you to create a lasting impression for your show. Our prices include delivery, set up, and all border costs and taxes. Our tent and stall products are of superior quality. Our tents and stalls are steam cleaned or power washed to ensure that the horses have a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. The stalls have powder coated or painted steel frames. The walls are constructed of easy to clean, bright vinyl, with styrofoam kick padding. Door panels have ventilation bars, 18 ounce vinyl bottoms and hinged doors with slide locks. Our stalls are competitively priced, delivered, set up, and taken down when you need them. State of the art tents and accessories, are also available in addition to our shed row self contained roof system. Extra tent areas are frequently used for vet stalls, carriage storage, secretary’s booths, vendors, and exhibitor parties. Horse people ourselves, we understand your needs, just ask, we can deliver! Clean, safe, and festive stables make happy horses and happy competitors. Our products and presentation are a direct reflection on your show. We thrive on making you look good. Our goal is to make your competition worry and stress free, and to provide quality stabling for all of your equine friends.

At Showtime we believe that all competitors deserve and should expect, the very best, clean and safe stalls.

About Showtime Stall Rentals…

John, Adrienne, and Evan St.Cyr live on a horse farm in central Massachusetts. John and Adrienne have been involved in many aspects of the horse industry. Adrienne grew up with horses and has spent years, breeding boarding and showing horses. John has done custom horse transport, and he has also done course design for competitions. John and Adrienne understand horses and horse people. When building their own eighty acre horse farm and show facility, or the temporary stables of Showtime Stall Rentals, safety of the horses has always been their number one concern.

When John looked into renting portable stables for their expanding two day pleasure driving show a few years ago, he decided that if he purchased the forty stalls that he needed, he could then rent out his stalls to neighbors and people looking to host clinics and events in their own back yards. When John started setting up and taking down the original stalls, he saw lots of room for improvement in materials, workmanship, ease of assembly, efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. John owns his own welding shop, and manufactures his own stalls. John’s Showtime Stall Rentals were the stables of choice for the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucky. John designed and supplied all of the stables and tents for the quarantine facility at the Cincinnati¬† Airport for all of the horses flying in to compete at the World Equestrian Games.

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